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Our Why

Our goal is to help You to increase Your personal safety, especially against dangers common to urban environments including knife attacks.  
We achieve it by providing practical knife defence workshops, cut-resistant every day carry items and training equipment.

Meet StreetSafe Team

Artur Bednarek
Artur BednarekTraining and Product Development

Artur Bednarek - Lead Trainer and Product Development Manager

I am a certified  self defense and martial arts instructor from Polish Sport Academy (Polska Akademia Sportu) since 2018 and I do own a k-2 SPAS knife fighting certificate since 2016.

The subject of white weapons, martial sports and widely understood personal safety was always at my keen interest. After childhood, during which I was lucky enough to try Karate and Judo, I trained „Modern Ju-Jitsu” under Shihan Krzysztof Dawidowicz, then traditional Ju-Jitsu (KoKoDo), fighting with weapons based on japanese, chinese and filipino martial arts, boxing, Savate (french boxing, which also included La Canne – walking stick fencing), sparring meetings that then became „Niedzielne Spotkania Sparingowe” (Sunday Sparring Meetings), SPAS (russian system designed by Konstantin Voyushin), Sport knife fighting by SPAS under Roman Minikayev.
You can always reach me using:
emial: artur@streetsafe.pl
mobile: +48 609 154 367

Tymoteusz Radlak - Logistics and Customer Service

Professionally I am an logistics expert and this the area of my responsibility in StreetSafe. If You would like get product samples or become a distributor please feel free to contact me - I will be more than happy to help. 

Knives are ma passion since as long as I remember. As a small kid I borrowed money from my parents and bought Rambo's knife :), later I got into knife trowing. I am training knife sparings for last 4 years.  

You can always reach me using:
emial: tim@streetsafe.pl
mobile: 796 163 909
Tymoteusz Radlak
Tymoteusz RadlakLogistics and Customer Service

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