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Defense against knife attacks - workshop

We would like to invite companies and organized groups to full-day workshops on "Defense against knife attacks". During the workshop, we focus on various scenarios and variants of defense against an attacker with a knife, as well as situational awareness, perceiving attack indicators and de-escalation techniques.

We organize these workshops in a closed formula (dedicated to the group ordering the workshop), or semi-open formula, when the group can be joined by people from outside the group, so if you would like to take part in such a workshop, but you are not a member of a larger group, contact us, and we will look for a group suitable for your needs.

If you are interested in taking part in the "Defense against the knife attacks" workshop, please contact the trainer directly in order to arrange details in this scope of the discussed material, the date and costs of the workshop.

Defense Against a Knife - An example of a workshop outline

Different faces of defense - discussion of various situations in which different ways of behaving will be helpful.
Assault indicators - how do you know that the other person is getting ready to attack us?
Ways of carrying and drawing a knife - what to look for, how to choose?
Scenarios - common situations in which a knife is drawn.
De-escalation - how to avert a conflict before it fully develops
How to overcome your own resistance to action?

Run away! But how?
Defense with pepper spray.
Preemptive striking - advance attack.
Practical exercises.

Knife threats
The Knife Clinch - When It Happens, How To Get In It?
Practical exercises.

Stick defense against a knife.
The use of the environment and improvised weapons.

Selected aspects of first aid in the case of sharps injuries.
Practical exercise for "Active knifeman"
Sparring at different distances

Would you like to sign up for a training course?

Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +48 609 154 367. The trainings are cyclical, but we also conduct them for smaller groups and individually, and we will be happy to tell you about the details.


Artur Bednarek
Artur BednarekTraining and Product Development

Artur Bednarek - Lead Trainer and Product Development Manager

I am a certified  self defense and martial arts instructor from Polish Sport Academy (Polska Akademia Sportu) since 2018 and I do own a k-2 SPAS knife fighting certificate since 2016.

The subject of white weapons, martial sports and widely understood personal safety was always at my keen interest. After childhood, during which I was lucky enough to try Karate and Judo, I trained „Modern Ju-Jitsu” under Shihan Krzysztof Dawidowicz, then traditional Ju-Jitsu (KoKoDo), fighting with weapons based on japanese, chinese and filipino martial arts, boxing, Savate (french boxing, which also included La Canne – walking stick fencing), sparring meetings that then became „Niedzielne Spotkania Sparingowe” (Sunday Sparring Meetings), SPAS (russian system designed by Konstantin Voyushin), Sport knife fighting by SPAS under Roman Minikayev.
You can always reach me using:
emial: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
mobile: +48 609 154 367