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Anti-cut sweatshirt

Anti-cut sweatshirt

The anti-cut sweatshirt by Street Safe provides a very high, 5th level of cut resistance (in accordance with the EN: 388 2019 standard), while not distinguishing itself from streetwear from outside looks. The material used to make the sweatshirt is our well-known by customers and the best-selling UHMWPE. The same material that we use in anti-cut Chimneys and some Scarves!

What else distinguishes our City Armor?

  • Loose fit for maximum freedom of movement and at the same time to increase your safety - loose clothes protect themselves better than close-fitting in the event of a knife attack.
  • Elastic ribbing with stoppers in the cuffs allow you to adjust the sweatshirt to your wrists and, optionally, hooked over the thumb, prevent the sleeves from slipping, eg when putting on the jacket or during intense movement.
  • Raised outer pockets - to minimize the risk of losing items carried in them, we raised the opening of the pocket. But don't worry - access to them is still fully comfortable!
  • Two hidden inside pockets. Inside the right outer pocket we have placed a discreet zipper. After opening it, we gain access to the inner, hidden pocket. The second hidden pocket is on the left, on the inside of the sweatshirt. It is fastened with Velcro and its inlet is directed vertically.
  • Another interesting feature is the welt in the hood. To create it, we used the Atwood Parapocalypse Ultimate Survival Paracord line. This inconspicuous black puller contains five different types of cores: flame retardant Kevlar core, 7 classic nylon cores, waxed jute ideal as an emergency kindling, hard-cut Dyna X core and fishing line!
  • Additionally, we strengthened the seams in critical places, such as pocket corners or at the hood's drawstrings.
  • We have provided the sweatshirt with our discreet, inconspicuous labels.

The main features of the sweatshirt

  • Very high level 5 cut resistance
  • Breathable material
  • Suitable for hand and machine washing (at low temperatures)
  • The material does not lose its protective properties over time (unlike Kevlar)

How much is it?

  • We sew sweatshirts to order!
  • For each order we take your dimensions, prepare and evaluate the project.
  • For example, a sweatshirt that you can see in our movie costs PLN 1,200.

Cur-resistance testing of UHMWPE Fabric

You often ask us what the "very high degree of cut resistance" means in practice and what protection UHMWPE really gives - we have prepared for you a couple of the most realistic tests possible, because the picture sometimes says more than a thousand words.

Photo gallery - anti-cut sweatshirt

Sounds interesting, would you like to see how much your dream cut-resistant sweatshirt will cost?

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