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Things we do for fun, and because we like knifes :)

Our Social Involvement

We strongly believe in a practical approach to knife fighting and knife defence hence we happily co-create or participate in as many knife related events as possible. A bit like Gracie family a log time ago, we spar using training knives at every possible occasion with everybody how is willing to do so - we believe that only practice makes master so we really do practice.

We are proud to be part of Sunday Sparring Meetings (Niedzielne Spotkania Sparingowe) where You can participate every Sunday for free and spar with us using our training knives. This meetings are not workshops or lessons - this is just 3 hours of pure sparring. 

If You are more into Knife Throwing we would like to invite to You Sztuka Rzucania - Nóż i Tomahawk - Knife and Axe Throwing Poland. These weekly meetings take place every Saturday and are organized in a form of workshops where You can learn different knife throwing techniques from prize winning coaches.

Free weekly Knife Sparrings - Niedzielne Spotkania Sparingowe

Sunday Sparring Meetings are weekly, free meetings aimed at improving your fighting skills by sparring. A bit like in the fight club movie ;), but completely at ease. Neither your own equipment nor skills are required. The level of participants is very diverse, so everyone will definitelly find a sparring partner adapted to their own skills.

Sounds interesting, but you are not yet sure what to do? Please browse thru our websiteFacebook profile or Youtube channel. If you haven't found the answer to your question anywhere, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
and we will gladly answer. It's been said that we regret the most things we haven't done :)

Sztuka Rzucania - Nóż i Tomahawk - Knife and Axe Throwing Poland

As the Warsaw representation of the Sztuka Throwing - Knife and Tomahawk group and profile, as well as active players and enthusiasts, we invite you to throw knives and axes together. If necessary, we also help to learn from scratch (both in rotation and without). Own knives are not required, although of course welcome. The meeting is open-air so it depends on the weather. We reserve the right to cancel the workshop in case of rain. 

Sparujemy.pl - home for open sparring groups

Through the support of Sparujemy.pl, we want to promote the idea of open sparring groups as non-commercial meetings that anyone can come to to try their hand at a safe fight and to meet interesting people - because, in fact, it's about people. :). 

We want to unite people from different worlds (historical reconstruction groups, DESW groups, FMA, knife, whip, etc.) to build a community based on pure struggle, mutual exchange of experiences, respect and brotherhood. We believe that the formula of safe sparring promoted by us creates a unique opportunity for personal development, acquiring fighting skills, physical fitness and building relationships.