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SparringEDC - a knife You can really spar with

SparringEDC training knife

SparringEDC training knife

We present to You a training knife that is actually fit for sparring – SparingEDC by StreetSafe.  Almost all the training knifes You can buy in stores are too hard and they can break fingers or ribs, others are too soft they do not hold shape and make training unrealistic.

It took us 3 years of experimenting with different designs and testing them in springs to come up with SparingEDC. In combines quality EVA foam, 3 types of cover fabrics,  strings and some silicone glue put together in very precise way so that it protects Your hand but will also bend on a hit so that Your partner will not get his bones shattered. SparingEDC is hand made with emphasis on quality, solid grip and universal size. In other words, if You would like to safely spar with knifes, this is a product You were waiting for.

Key feautures

  • Fit for sparings with perfect balance between elastic blade and harder hand protecting handle.
  • Very good quality - will last for hundreds of fights.
  • Contains no sharp elements so it will not cut or harm sparing partner.
  • Weights 40 grams, it is 25 cm long and 2,5 cm wide.

SparringEDC is fit for all training uses:

1 sparing with partner

2 drills alone or with partner

3technique and precision practice

EVA Foam cutout for making Your own knife


  • EVA foam cut-out of our training knife shape.
  • Flexible and durable material.
  • Performing correctly in high range of temperatures (from -10 to 40 degrees).
  • Length 25 cm, 2,5 cm width, weights 5 gram.
  • Ready for further processing and making a training knife Your-self as shown on Our Youtube channel.

SparringEDC training knife


  • Soft training knife with few different deflection points.
  • Made of EVA foam and few layers of best quality elastic tapes.
  • Performing correctly in high range of temperatures (from -10 to 40 degrees).
  • Handmade string handle.
  • Length 25 cm, 2,5 cm width.
  • Weight 40 grams.

How to make a training knife yourself

If you do not want to buy a SparringEDC training knife, or would like to buy only a shape made of EVA foam, we have prepared 2 instructional videos for you, showing how to make such a simple dummy yourself.

Here you will also find an article on how to start your adventure with sports knife fighting.

An example of a fight with the SparringEDC training knife

Walka jakich przez sezon robimy setki, nóż musi wytrzymać wszystkie uderzenia i nie zrobić krzywdy sparingpartnerowi - jak na razie SparringEDC nas nie zawiodły :)

SparringEDC training knife closeup

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