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City Amour - Bandana

Armoured Bandana by StreetSafe

Armoured Bandana by StreetSafe is highly cut resistant (A5 protection level), contains a smoke filter and from an outside is not distinguishable from a normal daily use Shawl.

The Armoured Bandana consists of 3 parts:
- Good quality daily use bandana is an outside layer. It provides normal look and makes it indistinguishable from other shawls.
- Cut resistance is achieved by incorporation of the Cut Resistant Fabric (depending on a version it can be Kevlar, UHMWPE or Cut-Tex Pro) from the inside.
- and a smoke filter pocket that provides limited functionality of a gas mask.
The StreetSafe Shawl Armour weights 500 grams. The cut tex pro layer is 75x75 cm and and the bandana is 100x100cm.

Key feautures

  • Highly cut resistant (inside layer made of Cut-Tex® PRO Cut Resistant Fabric).
  • Smoke filter embedded.
  • From outside indistinguishable from normal Bandana.
  • Weights 500 grams. Cut tex pro layer is 75x75 cm and and the bandana is 100x100cm.

Ways to use:

1 As a part of a city armor, both on a neck (bandana) or on a nad (shield).

2 As a smoke, gas or viruses protection due to embedded smoke filter.

3 As a regular daily use bandana, due to the fact that Cut-Tex® PRO can be washed and dried like standard materials and does not lose its cut-resistance properties.

Cur-resistance testing of UHMWPE Fabric

You often ask us what the "very high degree of cut resistance" means in practice and what protection UHMWPE really gives - we have prepared for you a couple of the most realistic tests possible, because the picture sometimes says more than a thousand words.

Much more than just a shawl

City armor - Bandana by Street Safe has many more uses than it may seem at first glance. All you need is a bit of knowledge and creativity to make our bandana a head protection, anti-cut vest or a warm blanket. We invite you to watch the movie in which we show how to do it.

Bandana Versions comparison

Armour bandana with Kevlar


  • 2nd level cut resistance.
  • Smoke Filter PM (2.5).
  • Weight around 400 grams.
  • Bandana size 100x100 cm.
  • Kevlar layer size at least 75x75 cm.
  • Not recommended for washing machine.
  • No cut-resistance certification from producer.

Armour bandana with Cut-Tex Pro


  • 5th level cut resistance.
  • Smoke Filter (PM 2.5).
  • Weight around 500 grams.
  • Bandana size 100x100 cm.
  • Cut-Tex Pro layer size at least 75x75 cm.
  • Can be cleaned in washing machine.
  • Cut-resistance certified by cut-tex.com.

What are the benefits of using PM 2.5 Smoke Filter

The PM 2.5 filters use a five-layer filtration system, including an active carbon layer that neutralizes unpleasant odors. Such a filter prevents 99.9% of dusts from entering the lungs, incl. smog, exhaust fumes, particles of mold or dust, but also bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

If you would like to use a different, perhaps more specialized filter, of course our bandanas make this possible. There is a sewn-in pocket in the wrap, which allows you to change the filter at any time.

What does level 5 cut resistance mean in practice?

The standard we use to define cut resistance is EN: 388: 2003 with its updated version EN 388: 2016. According to these standards, Cut-Tex Pro has the fifth level of cut resistance (marked as E in the EN 388: 2016 standard). In this morm, this level is described as "Very high cut resistance".
If you are interested in how this level is determined, a good description can be found here. Below we also present an interesting video describing the details of the measurement made by DSM Dyneema. Interestingly, Dyneema is the commercial name for UHMWPE, the composition of which is sometimes modified by companies, in such a way as to be able to reserve the recipe, and then make a patent and certify only your mixture, and not the source material (i.e. UHMWPE). The company then promotes such material as its innovative solution with a patent and a range of certificates, thanks to which it sells it for many times more money.

According to our internal tests, the results of which we would like to publish shortly, there is no difference between Cut-Tex Pro and UHMWPE in terms of cut resistance.

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